Find the best registered and genomically tested Holsteins from breeders all around Australia

Verified Holsteins is the easiest way to buy and sell quality Holstein cattle in an
efficient, cost-effective and secure way, saving you time and money.

Buying Animals

With no sign-up fees or hidden costs, Verified Holsteins enables you to buy registered and genomically tested Holstein cattle anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet or smartphone direct from the vendor or their authorised agent.

Selling Animals

Create a listing from the comfort of home and sell your registered and genomically tested Holsteins at your price 24/7 on Verified Holsteins with no sign-up fees or hidden costs. Animals must be registered or eligible for registration.

Finding Animals

Verified Holsteins is the quickest way to find quality female and male Holsteins to help you achieve your breeding goals. Search for animals that meet your criteria by region based on BPI, ABVs and specific traits with our easy to use smart filters.

Why use Verified Holsteins

Developed by Holstein Australia, custodian of the Holstein breed in Australia and leader in the provision of registration, classification and genetic improvement services for dairy producers, Verified Holsteins provides purchasers with access to Australia’s best Holstein cattle and vendors with a reputable low cost national sales platform.