Using an Agent

Verified Holsteins Online is a sales listing platform where owners of Registered Holstein cattle can list their animals for sale direct or via a  livestock agent. While users of Verified Holsteins Online can list their animals privately consideration should be given to engaging a registered livestock agent prior to a transaction with a purchaser taking place.


The key services provided by agents include:

  • Using their knowledge and expertise to help buy and sell animals, ¬†mediate and negotiate price with purchasers to secure a desirable outcome for the vendor whether through private sale or at auction.
  • Registered livestock agents underwrite payment for livestock to the vendor in case of buyer default. Holstein Australia does not provide this guarantee if an agent is not involved in the transaction.
  • Livestock agents can undertake additional services associated with the sale of cattle, including NLIS scanning, transfer of registered animals, transportation and other tasks.


Further information is available from livestock agents listed below:

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