How to Sell Holsteins

Want your animals for sale to reach the widest possible audience without stepping outside your farm gate? Enter your Holstein Australia membership number, details of animals for sale and listing duration on our seller form and send it to us. We’ll do the rest.


Not a Holstein Australia member? Find out more about the benefits of joining our Holstein community. New members who join through Verified Holsteins receive their first five animal listings for free in addition to all the other benefits of membership.


To ensure that Verified Holsteins offers only the highest quality female and male Holsteins, all animals listed must be either:

  • Registered Holsteins
  • Currently unregistered but eligible for registration


What does it cost?

  • To list Registered Holsteins costs $15 per animal inclusive of transfer fee
  • To list animals eligible for registration costs $25 per animal inclusive of registration and transfer fee
  • Registered bulls can be listed for free


For genomically tested animals that meet the above criteria, purchasers will be able to view and search for animals based on BPI, ABVs and specific traits.


Verified Holsteins saves you time and money, showcasing the quality Holsteins you want to sell to dairy farmers and breeders nationwide 24/7.